Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Failure, as usual

Well, I failed to get up early enough and get together the gumption to play pipes in downtown Willimantic on the Fourth of July. There would have been a good audience for the parade and the road race, but I slept in. I thought I could stay up til 8:30 AM, but I crashed at about 6. I did play for a while on my front lawn and entertained a few folks. Some of the playing wasn't great--I was trying out some of my new, hard material.

Another opportunity for failure emerges tomorrow. I have a chiropractor's appointment in the morning across town. I plan to bike there and back. I will have to stop and get some meds at the pharmacy tomorrow, as well. With hope, I can make one trip.

Contemplation of the moneyless condition has led me to believe that I might be too lazy for it. I hate to drive, but I like it better than walking or biking the distances that dominate modern suburban life. Likewise, with food and shelter, I like meat, air conditioning and heat and I prefer shopping to foraging or farming. "There's got to be some way out of this place said the joker to the king." The suffocating hierarchic totalitarian capitalist system or a lifetime of drudgery just to survive. Oh, and complete isolation from friends, family, and my long-suffering spouse. I'm hoping to ease that isolation tomorrow with some social interaction.

I hoped to develop some new social contacts locally during this experiment, but I haven't done any of that so far. Part of my reason for going 6 weeks rather than a day or week or month is that I wanted to force myself to have to see other people and interact with them, even give and receive with them. Otherwise, I'm just hiding out here not learning anything about going moneyless except that there's some cool stuff on Netflix Instant.

Going to read Tonya's story tomorrow--that should be interesting, and I can send her my thoughts on it, which will be a nice way of flexing old fiction muscles.

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