Monday, December 13, 2010

Failure at dumpster diving

I admit it -- I'm a failure at dumpster diving. In fact, I haven't posted in a month and half because I was so discouraged. I went to the dumpster I mentioned in the last post and rummaged. I found nothing but ordinary garbage -- what looked like stuff you'd empty from the trash cans in the break room of the store. It's a sign, or I'm going to take it as such.

It turns out I don't really need the stuff anyway. We have plenty of food. What's needed presents itself to the faithful when it's needed. In a way, my attempts at dumpster diving are an attempt to provide for an uncertain future where I fear food is scarce. The fear of the future is the problem, and the striving to allay those fears is the troublesome behavior.

A wise person trusts in the abundance that burgeons in the world. Man made scarcity by creating money based on debt. Since all money comes from debt, there's always a scarcity that drives people to repay that debt. The debt behind the money turns mankind into a haunted, driven race that must struggle to repay what can never be repaid, because the amount of debt and money is always increasing. We're like a team of horses being driven hard by the money system.

I'm trying to slip the harness. I'm hoping to stop taking money in the near future, since then I won't be enslaved to it and to those who possess it, who are themselves even bigger slaves to it. Using more of a drug doesn't make you less of an addict -- it makes you more of one. Of course, I haven't really made much progress toward going moneyless. I've trimmed my monthly expenditures down to a quarter of what they were. Groceries, food, gasoline, and medications still come out to a fair amount each month. I'm about broke so the spending is going to stop. What will that mean? I don't know. Can I do the things I really want to without any money? Difficult to imagine it. I need to do some serious thinking about my life and what I'm doing with it.

Ah well, so much for dumpster diving. Maybe I'll get the authentic calling to dive when I really need to, but, for now, I think I'll stop trying.