Monday, October 18, 2010

Dumpter diving

I've been unable to get myself to dumpster dive, but I realize this is an essential skill of the moneyless. I've identified a few key dumpsters in the area and have checked a few and seen that they contain some useful food. The trick is, dumpster diving is not exactly 100 percent guaranteed legal. However, I've been assured by the head of the local trash company that the local police shouldn't bother me. Goodness knows there are a lot bigger fish to fry in this town than your humble correspondent.

It's like giving yourself your first injection. If there wasn't someone there goading me to do it, I probably wouldn't have done it. The diabetes education nurse goaded me and I did it. Now I do it without even thinking about it. I think that's what dumpster diving may be. Perhaps I'm still attached to an identity that doesn't dig through trash and I'm sort of dwelling on the threat of detection to put off trying it. Or I could just be afraid that the police will see and think it's an easy arrest. Who knows? I aim to find out tomorrow. I'm going to try the dumpster at the local organic food store or the bakery -- I haven't decided yet. I know the bakery dumpster does get full on Wednesday. I may save that one for Tuesday or Wednesday. But if I can't get something good from the organic food store dumpster, come on -- it's not likely they'll send thugs out there. I will borrow an apron before I go. With hope, I'll look like I belong.

Wish me luck.