Sunday, August 29, 2010

Counseling while quitting money

Surprisingly, my long-suffering wife suggested we start couples counseling in order to help come to grips with the conflicts that my intention to quit money has caused in our marriage. While I won't discuss the specifics of what happened during our first session, I can say that I learned a lot. Foremost, I learned just how unhappy my wife is about this in quantifiable terms when I saw her pre-therapy self-evaluation form. I know I need to help her in any way that I can (apart from deepening my involvement in the money economy;) to ease her anxiety. With hope, our therapist can help us come to some workable solution.

Some good news: I got the bicycle working. Only I would take a month to figure out how to inflate a bicycle tire. In truth, I added Slime, sort of stop-leak for tire, to the tube and inflated it at a gas station. The fix appears to be holding. When I took the bike for my first ride, I found out how out of shape I was. After not more than 20 minutes of riding, I was exhausted and weak. I need to work up to longer trips before I switch over to bicycling as my primary transport.

I left a rock band I was playing guitar in because rehearsal was an hour and a half away by car and I'm not going to be driving anymore. I plan, for the meantime, to confine my guitar playing to recording work done at home with my existing equipment.

I looked in some rubbish today outside a Stop & Shop, but didn't retrieve anything. On Saturday night, I thought of diving at a restaurant that I knew had good stuff in the dumpster, but I didn't want to wait around for them to close and I didn't have any of the equipment I felt I needed, like a flashlight, a diving stick and bags for carrying away the haul. Next time...