Monday, July 26, 2010

Hypocrisy, selfishness and laziness

Looking over my rules, I find them ridiculous. The first rule is plain enough, and draws a bold line between needed and unneeded expenditures:

1. Don't use money unless I've exhausted other alternatives and I face health or well-being consequences.
However, things get very mushy very quickly:
2. I will accept gifts, including the purchase of gasoline, health insurance, medical services, and medications, freely/gleefully offered by my wife or any willing patrons.
Okay, so I'm a leech off the work of my long-suffering wife, bless her soul. The whole substance of my move to get off money has encompassed merely letting my wife buy everything. Granted, I have eliminated all purchases, but she has picked up the slack, most notably in the food-gas continuum which is often most urgent. I mean after all, who wants to be unable to get somewhere on time because of a lack of gas? Why skip eggs when your wife can buy you some? Why bother foraging for food when you can prevail upon friends to buy you a McDonalds hamburger? No, something is dreadfully wrong here. I've got to get off the mark or throw in the towel.

Maybe there is a different modality I should be exploring? Some other way of being that lets me glimpse the Divine in the mundane but that wasn't so hard on the wife.

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